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we only live once

so make the best of it

J-rock is my life ♥ >w<


My name is Kimi and I am a huge fan of Gazette. I also love HITT and other J-rock/visual kei as well. I'm not as into it as most people are since I only prefer Gazette and HITT out of anyone else. I am also a fan of anime but I don't watch or pay attention like I used to. I love vampires and paranormal. BUT I HATE TWILIGHT.

I have high functioning autism, ADHD, a learning disability and anxiety issues. I am not a retard and just because I type at a very intelligent pace doesn't make me one either. I am very smart, good-natured and fun-loving if given the chance. I am sometimes shy and don't often talk to people right away.
Credit: Nagashiwadesign


HITT - I look upto him because we both have our own style. We love being who we are and don't care what others think of us. I feel as if I am also connected to him but in a way that helps me get through life without worrying about every little thing.

Ruki - Yes, Ruki from Gazette. He is my hero because he is short... like me but also because his heart is fragile and badly damaged like mine is. We are both very self-conscious of how we look and whether we look good or not.

Ru - Ru is my best friend. I love him to death and I can't imagine my life without him. He always tries his best to be there and I adore him. He always knows what to say when I am down and always makes me laugh when he isn't even trying to be funny.


The Gazette, HITT, LM.C, An Cafe, Alice Nine, Orange Range, L'arc~en~Ciel, Nightmare, TM Revolution, Abingdon Boys School, echostream, eyeshine, SuG, Asian-kungfu Generation, and HIGH and MIGHTY COLOR.